​​​​​​CHI Co-Learning Network

The CHI Co-Learning Network was officially launched on 21 October 2016 with the objective of deepening co-learning and collaboration. Through the network, our partners can collaborate on innovation projects, form communities of practice and exchange knowledge. This will help to drive workforce transformation within and beyond the healthcare industry.



CHI Co-Learning Network Partners

The CHI Co-Learning Network comprises of 37 local and international like-minded innovation units across a multitude of industries. Bringing with them diverse yet synergistic expertise, partners in the Co-Learning network come together to establish an open community for co-learning and co-creating best practices in healthcare.

The CHI Co-Learning Network, involves all three public healthcare clusters and strategic partners both local and overseas. The network was launched in 2016 and has grown rapidly from 21 to 37 partners today.

Statement of Intent on the Future Workforce

“We share a collective purpose in transforming our Work for the future of Health. Work that delivers Value to the individual, team, patient, and community. In doing so, our work can respond to future models of care necessary to meet future health challenges for our populations and communities.

We envision a future workforce that is inter-professional and team-based. Such a care team will be centered on what persons value, and include both the formal and informal workforce. Persons and their families are activated to be part of our care teams, making shared decisions and sharing their experiences.

We empower our workforce with skills to co-learn, un-learn and re-learn in order to continuously improve and innovate care; leveraging care redesign, technology and job redesign.

We build a workforce that is sustainable, where work is meaningful and contributes to meaningful care relationships.”