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Welcome to the preview of what the CHI Learning & Development (CHILD) System can offer you! While we are working hard to put together a robust knowledge management platform for you, we are excited to have you join us on a co-learning journey and want you to have a taste of the knowledge you can find or share within CHILD. When completed, the national knowledge management platform will allow you to research, collaborate and share your healthcare projects with professionals from Singapore and beyond!

Created based on the 'Share, Learn, and Do' model, CHILD serves as an open repository for healthcare innovation, improvement and productivity project reports, best practices and learning experiences.

Contributed by innovators and improvement enthusiasts across the healthcare sector, CHILD is open to anyone (e.g. local and international healthcare institutions, industry players, academia and the public) keen to share, learn and collaborate. We welcome you to explore this snippet of CHILD and experience how it can enable your search for knowledge across walls and borders. 

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Better 2021 - Better Search Experience (WIP)

As a new year begins, we are continuing to 'raise' CHILD! Just like any growing CHILD, we too are learning and actively enhancing the interim site, aimed at providing you with better search and navigation experience.

While this site is under construction, stay tuned for timely updates on our CHILD social media platforms. Talk to us, ​connect with us, and join us on our shared vision and journey.

You can cross-learn and cross-share, anytime and anywhere - with just a touch of your fingers!

CHILD Social Media is LIVE!

In the spirit of social learning & engagement, we have launched CHILD's social media presence on:

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 Pardon the Dust! Content Upload on Hold  

In our efforts to enhance your navigation experience on the interim CHILD, we are currently conducting a 3-month long testing. With that, we will be putting a halt to our monthly content upload exercise.

Fret not! You can still browse our trove of 180+ treasured contents simply by scrolling (on browser) or swiping down (on mobile).

For any feedback & enquiries, email us at CHILD@TTSH.COM.SG 



 Shoutout to our Taxonomy Development Partner!

We are proud to partner with esteemed members from the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) Medical Library, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Together, we embarked on this co-learning journey to enhance CHILD's taxonomy and search function! 

Special thanks to the project team: Ms Caroline Pang, Dr Serene Ng, Mr Lim Kong Meng, Ms Tan Pei Jiun, Mr Chua Junjie, Ms Padmaja Muralidharan, Dr Schusie Sun, Ms Umarani Jayapal, Ms Yasmin Munro and Ms Lena Sam for joining us on this exciting project!


Editor's Pick

 Tan Tock Seng Hospital - C3 Smart Hospital for the FUTURE

The Operations Command Centre (OCC), similar to an airport control tower aims to coordinate and provide better care for patients at a systemic level. It is a first of its kind in healthcare, with the primary focus to coordinate flow by adopting a more holistic view to the hospital ecosystem and delivering core capabilities.

Read on for more:  C3 TTSH (pg 224-228) Healthcare Management Journal.pdf

Suggested reading:



 Development of Face Shield Prototype for COVID-19 Outbreak Management

In the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are having to work very long very long hours in personal protective equipment (PPE) which can become very uncomfortable and cumbersome. The National Centre for Infectious Diseases and Tan Tock Seng Hospital joined hands to rapidly design an improved face shield. Two types of face shield, one disposable and another reusable, both of a comfortable wear, improved visibility and a universal fit were designed and tested for use. Its simple and clean design also makes the production fast and affordable.

Read on for more: Editors Pick - Face Shield_finalised.pdf

Suggested reading:

 Rapid Extension of Screening Centres with Open Tentages

The escalating COVID-19 situation ignited the need to increase the hospital's capacity to accommodate the rise in number of patients coming in for screening and being warded. NCID and TTSH had derived fast, effective and cost efficient solutions - manifested in the form of an expansion of screening centres with open tentages and conversion of wards, both of which proved to be valuable in the fight against the pandemic. 

Read on for more:  Editors Pick - Ext of SC + Tentages (Final)-combine.pdf

Suggested reading: 


5 Things We Learnt About Leadership & Innovation

At the recent CHI INNOVATE (Webinar) 2020 themed BreakOuts in Outbreaks – Leading and Innovating in Crisis, we were honoured to have Mr Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of the Singapore Food Agency to share the story of his journey and vision of the future with the topic “Innovation in Singapore: Across Sectors, Across Time”. Interviewed by A/Prof Wong Hon Tym, Clinical Director of CHI, Mr Lim has inspired us with his personal insights on how major innovations in Singapore emerged, the important aspects of leadership, and how we might apply these experiences in our battle against COVID-19.

Read on for more:  Mr Lim Chuan Poh's Interview (2020).pdf

Full interview clip: 

5 Ways to Rally a Community in a Pandemic

Every year CHI INNOVATE prides itself of being the go-to platform for innovators to co-learn solutions and strategies from our panel of stellar speakers and thought leaders. One such leader whom we had the privilege to interview this year is Dr Maliki Osman, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office. As a distinguished community leader, Dr Maliki shared with us the critical role of community leadership in keeping the population resilient and engaged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on for more:  Dr Maliki Osman Interview.pdf

Full interview clip:



Microlearning in TTSH

With face-to-face training and physical course delivery coming to a halt in times of lockdown, learning at TTSH never stops! Introducing "Microlearning" - a relatively new approach to training that delivers content in short and focused bites. The Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI)'s People Development took microlearning up a notch through its programme titled "Every Learner a Content Creator". The team sets out to build agility of the healthcare community by empowering users to not only co-develop content through co-sharing their knowledge/skills but also co-learn at one's fingertips.

Read on for more:  Editor's Pick - MicroLearning by PD.pdf

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