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Created based on the 'Share, Learn, and Do' model, CHILD serves as an open repository for healthcare innovation, improvement and productivity project reports, best practices and learning experiences.

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Editor's Pick

 PreSAGE: A Smart-Bed Exit Prediction & Prevention System based on Thermal Sensing

Bedside falls can now be better prevented with this award winning* patient monitoring sytem - PreSAGE. The automated fall detection and surveillance system uses thermal imaging and smart video analytics, can predict bed-exit situations of high fall risk patients, and subsequently trigger advanced warning to facilitate early interventions.

*Asia Pacific HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award 2019 - Winner of Outstanding ICT Innovation Award

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Suggested reading: 01. Singapore Medical Association News_Vol.53 No.4 April 2021.pdf

[Source: Photo & content provided by award winning team]



 30% Man-Hours Saved using Ultrasonic Assisted Wound (UAW) Debridement 

Through the adoption of technological solutions such as the Ultrasonic Assisted Wound (UAW) Debridement machine, the specialty wound care team from Yishun Community Hospital is now able to deliver more efficient care especially for patients with complex wound. 

The team's achievements in improving patient wound outcome, enhancing staff productivity and reducing healthcare costs have earned them the AIC Community Care Excellence Awards (CCEA) 2020: Team Award - Productivity Improvement category.

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[Source: Content provided by AIC Quality & Productivity Division]

Therapy Through Work (TTW) for Persons with Young Onset and Early-Stage Dementia

As the first and only purpose-built lodge for Persons with Dementia (PWD) in Singapore, Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) has over the years, spearheaded in its quest to create dementia-respectful work communities. 

The Therapy Through Work (TTW) programme is AHL's latest programme aimed at providing therapeutic employment for persons with young and early stage dementia, while providing naturalised respite and coping strategies for their caregivers. 

In recognition for their effort to normalising life for PWDs, AHL took home the AIC Community Care Excellence Awards (CCEA) 2020: Team Award - Client Experience Improvement category. 

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Watch the video: 

[Source: content provided by AIC Quality & Productivity Division]


Virtual Reality Competency Training and Assessment Tool for Processing of Prescriptions and Medication Errors

Where can learning meet fun? Pharmacy staff and trainees at the Singapore General Hospital can now undergo a high-fidelty VR Pharmacy Dispensing simulation training programme! Jointly developed and implemented by the Department of Pharmacy of Singapore General Hospital & the Serious Games Association, Project VRx allows users to be trained to process the prescriptions and medication orders safely and accurately

This project was conferred the Merit Award (Poster Presentation) Innovation & Digital Strategies category at this year's Singapore Allied Health Conference (SAHC). 

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Diabetic Lifestyle Intervention using Technology Empowerment (D'LITE) Study

With the increased utilisation of mobile health in a pandemic climate, the team from the National University Hospital and National University Polyclinics found that digitally delivered lifestyle interventions, atop of usual care, are more effective in improving weight and glycemic management among diabetic patients

This project that won the Best Oral Presentation: Innovation & Digital Strategies category in Singapore Allied Health Conference (SAHC) 2021, illustrated how a culturally contextualised smartphone-based application is capable of not only facilitating self-empowerment among patients but also reducing reliance on healthcare professionals.

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Doctor COVID: Enhance Operations and Care with Smart Multi-Lingual Chatbot for COVID-19 Patients at Community Care Facilities* 

In an evolving pandemic situation, how do we ensure our patients continue to receive utmost care despite communication barriers and the lack of manpower? 

The multi-disciplinary team from SingHealth, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore National Eye Centre (Singapore Eye Research Institute), National Cancer Centre Singapore, and the Institute of High Performance Computing - Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), designed and developed *Doctor COVID- a multi-lingual chatbot to improve health surveillance and care for the migrant workers in the Community Care Facilities.

*Recipient of the 1st prize (Operations category) under the Singapore Healthcare Management 2021

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