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Welcome to the preview of what the CHI Learning & Development (CHILD) System can offer you! While we are working hard to put together a robust knowledge management platform for you, we are excited to have you join us on a co-learning journey and want you to have a taste of the knowledge you can find or share within CHILD. When completed, the national knowledge management platform will allow you to research, collaborate and share your healthcare projects with professionals from Singapore and beyond!

Created based on the 'Share, Learn, and Do' model, CHILD serves as an open repository for healthcare innovation, improvement and productivity project reports, best practices and learning experiences.

Contributed by innovators and improvement enthusiasts across the healthcare sector, CHILD is open to anyone (e.g. local and international healthcare institutions, industry players, academia and the public) keen to share, learn and collaborate. We welcome you to explore this snippet of CHILD and experience how it can enable your search for knowledge across walls and borders. 

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Matchmade on CHILD! 

A real-life story on how our home-grown innovator has found contact and solution to her healthcare woes at work through CHILD! 

Living up to our promise to be the Knowledge Management platform that encourages DO - LEARN - SHARE, we bring to you a story that chronicles the journey of an innovator, proudly enabled by the CHI Learning & Development (CHILD) System: 15_CHILD TEMI.pdf 


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Editor's Pick

Implementing the Next Generation Electronic Medical Record for
National Healthcare Group Polyclinics 

"NGEMR records the entire patient journey from the point of admission to discharge, taking in both medical and administrative data. This allows for a seamless patient experience, increased collaboration between healthcare professionals, and stronger patient empowerment and participation." 

CHILD is proud to feature the story of the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics' NGEMR journey. Let's take a deeper dive to learn from the team who has embarked on this nation-wide Change Management initiative:

[This article was first published in HealthTech Connect by IHiS.]



OneNUHS Mobile Application - A Digital Front Door to NUHS Service Transformation 

Recognised as one of the top four most popular healthcare and fitness app in Singapore (source: Similarweb), we present to you the making of the OneNUHS mobile app - a Digital Front Door to a slew of services aim at transforming and improving both patient and provider's experience.

Hear from the team who brought to you the first public healthcare cluster teleconsultation service via a mobile app; and how they exceeded the delivery of two Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in 12 months:

[This article was first published in HealthTech Connect by IHiS.]


Use of Video Consultation Skyrockets in Public Healthcare 

Since the introduction of the national Smart Health Video Consultation (VC) programme, developed by IHiS in 2017, the use of VC in Public Healthcare Institutions has sored in recent years.  

Let's take a look at how the various PHIs from the Institute of Mental Health, National Heart Centre Singapore, SingHeealth Polyclinics and the National University Hospital have leveraged on the use of Video Consultation in the delivery of patient care:

[This article was first published in HealthTech Connect by IHiS.]



Improving Patient Care with the Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) Programme  

As healthcare institutions globally place greater emphasis on delivering patient-centred care, IHiS has partnered with The Clinician in rolling out ZEDOC, a digital health platform that enables healthcare providers across Singapore public healthcare to digitally capture PROMs and PREMs.

With this electronic solution being the first in Singapore public healthcare, catch up on how ZEDOC is being used in the Singapore General Hospital, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital as well as future use cases from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the National University Health System and the Ministry of Health (Singapore):

[This article was first published in HealthTech Connect by IHiS.]


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Problem Statements

Have a Solution to our Problems? 

We invite you to browse our posted needs, sourced from many in the healthcare community.

If a need is matched to your innovation, get in touch with us with your solution for consideration! 

Problem Statement (1)

Linen changing can at times be very uncomfortable, especially for bedbound patients in the hospital. This procedure to change the bedsheets often take two nursing manpower away from their clinical duties to perform. 

If you have a solution that can minimise or offload this manual task from our nurses, we are all ears! 

Contact us at


Problem Statement (2)  

The serving of medication is routine yet requires great care because of the frequency and types of medications are different for each patient. Meal orders are also customised to the needs of individual patients; hence nurses have to ensure both the medication and food are served correctly. 

We are here to hear from you if you have a solution to dispense medication and food accurately without nursing intervention. 

Contact us at


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BROWSE THE TOP PICKS FROM OUR COLLECTION! Don't know where to start? The CHILD team has curated some outstanding best practice projects from our archives. Here they are:


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