About the Fund and Its Intent

The Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Programme (NTF HIP) was set up with a generous gift from the family of the late Mr Ng Teng Fong to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), and aims to drive innovation in healthcare to benefit and enhance the health of our patients and the population we serve. NTF HIP serves as a financial lever of innovation, and help funds the innovation work and programmes facilitated by CHI.

The programme takes a broad perspective and multi-level approach to drive innovation. It supports proposals relating to:

  1. Building leadership in healthcare innovation
  2. Workforce transformation, through:
    • Care redesign (clinical / operational processes and models)
    • Use of automation / IT / robotics / products / devices
    • Job redesign
  3. Use of different pedagogies for training and transforming our workforce



NTF HIP provides funding through five tracks which support the strategic thrusts of CHI.

Strategic Training

Supports training of workforce with relevant skills to become institutional / system thought leaders in innovation or ground champions to drive innovation.


Supports projects in job and care redesign, automation or clinical research projects, that are geared towards improving productivity, or transforming roles to effect new care processes / models.

Community Enabling

Supports projects that impact and enable the community, including training of patients, volunteers, members of community partner institutions.

Strategic Innovation

Supports programmes targetted at system level innovation, to drive value through healthcare innovation.

Strategic Research

Supports thematic programmes that drive value through translational research.

Eligibility Criteria

All TTSH staff may apply to NTF HIP. Funding will also be applicable to non-staff (e.g. research collaborator, community partners, patients, caregivers, volunteers, students) if the fund recipient is part of a larger umbrella TTSH programme where a TTSH staff is the Project Owner / Principal Investigator.


For more information on NTF HIP funding opportunities and grant application process, please contact us at NTF_HI_Prog@ttsh.com.sg.




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